Greenwich History: The Judge's Corner

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Click for availability and more information Greenwich History: The Judge's Corner, selected and edited by Frank Nicholson
One of the best resources in Greenwich Library that complements the Local History Collection is Greenwich History: The Judge's Corner. It was the brain child of the late historian Frank Nicholson, who wanted to consolidate Frederick A. Hubbard's newspaper columns on Greenwich history into a handy source.

Frederick Hubbard was born in Hollis NH. When he was 8-years-old, he moved to Greenwich. He was educated in Greenwich public schools and Greenwich Academy. Hubbard was a judge of the Borough Court. Hubbard also wrote two important books on Greenwich history: Masonry in Greenwich (Gillespie; 1926) and Other Days in Greenwich (Tapley; 1913) From March 1928 to January 1933, he wrote historical columns for the Greenwich Press. He demonstrated a keen awareness and knowledge of local matters, and talked about prominent figures, historical events and other topics of interest. It provides some information not included in other sources. It's a great reference for students and adults. You can get caught up on some Greenwich history pretty fast by reading these re-printed articles. You will no doubt learn something you didn't know!

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