Dark Life

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Click for availability and more information Dark Life, by Kat Falls
A thrilling splash for summer reading! Readers will brave the deep water to the "Dark Life" where "pioneers" have been living for 15 years since devastating storms and rising sea levels caused much of the Earth's surface to collapse into the ocean. 15 year-old Ty was the first child born to the pioneers, loves his ocean life, and can't wait to own acres and acres of his own land underwater. Up on the surface, little land is left, leaving "Topsiders" to live in crowded apartments. Gemma is one of these Topsiders looking for the only family she has, a brother who disappeared among the ocean settlements. She knows nothing of the ocean, only the rumors of those like Ty who were born underwater and supposedly possess "Dark Gifts". Ty offers to help Gemma in her search for her brother, among the outlaws and the dangers of the settlement and of the ocean. Great for grades 5-9.

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