Will Smith: A Biography

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Click for availability and more information Will Smith: A Biography, by Lisa A. Iannucci
I've always been a big fan of actor Will Smith, and now that I've read Lisa A. Iannucci's Will Smith: A Biography, I have even more respect for the artist. I also found out that some of my impressions of the actor are misconceptions. Although Will is indeed from West Philadelphia, he did not come from a broken home, although his parents did divorce after the children were gone. His parents were hard working middle-class people. He is a rapper, but his music does not promote domestic violence, crime or sex like some other artists. His father showed him how drugs can mess up someone's life, and, apparently, Will has avoided that pitfall that has haunted many celebrities. This book is uplifting in many respects. Will has been able to raise a fine family with second wife, Jada Pinkett, while pursuing his music and acting careers. He and his wife have given back to the community by sponsoring a public school. The many movies he has released around July 4th have become "blockbusters". Critics say Will is cordial and polite to everyone, and makes everyone feel like his friend. He works hard at his craft, trying to learn as much as he can about his characters. What impresses me most is that Will seems to be a loyal, loving family man who has not let success go to his head.

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