Far Out: A Space-Time Chronicle

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Click for availability and more information Far Out: A Space-Time Chronicle, by Michael Benson
Fantastic! That's the word to describe Far Out: A Space-Time Chronicle by Michael Benson. Benson uses photos from the Hubble Space Telescope to look at stars and galaxies as they appeared millions of years ago. Since interstellar space is measured in light-years (the distance light travels in a year) and distances between objects in space are tremendous, we are actually viewing stars and galaxies as they appeared in the past. Each chapter includes a discussion of the objects, "plate pages" to index the photos, and full page photos. There is some historic analysis to give one a frame of reference. The author explains that the reader can start at the beginning and move back in time to the genesis of our solar system, or start at the end and move forward to today. The terminology is somewhat complicated, but can be overcome. The pictures of nebulae, molecular clouds, dust, remnant stars and well-defined galaxies are amazing! This is evidence of definite order in our universe. If you really want to put things in context, take a look at the photo of galaxy systems that interact with each other. Check it out and marvel at the Hubble Telescope photos.

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