Weezer Changes the World

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Click for availability and more information Weezer Changes the World, by David McPhail
Weezer's just an ordinary dog that loves to play with his friend Billy, chew toys, and bark...until during a storm something "striking" happens to Weezer. He has changed, and because of that, so will the world. I'm a fan of David McPhail's stories, his ink and water color illustrations (Pigs a Plenty, The Day the Sheep Showed Up and Big Brown Bear) and Weezer is a new favorite of mine. The small dog develops new habits including averting natural disasters, holding benefit concerts for the poor, curing diseases, and negotiating world peace. This picture book will work best for kindergartners and elementary grades, who will enjoy the illustrations, the humor and the story of how one individual, no matter how small, can make a difference in the world.

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