To Begin the World Over Again

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Click for availability and more information To Begin the World Over Again, by John C. Hulsman
The modern Middle East has certainly been a boiling cauldron of troubles for the United States for decades. Becoming familiar with the Twentieth Century personalities and politics of that region can be essential to understanding the current Middle Eastern situation in which this country finds itself. John C. Hulsman, in his book To Begin the World Over Again, has written a concise and highly readable biography of T. E. Lawrence, who was one of the major players in establishing the modern state of Iraq in the years after World War I. Stripping away the glorified myths of Lawrence created by David Lean's great movie Lawrence of Arabia (also available at The Greenwich Library), Hulsman details the exploits of Lawrence as a leader of the Arab revolt against the Turks during World War I, the development of his passionate beliefs after the war that Britain and France should honor certain agreements those countries made to the Arabs in return for their support during the war against the German-allied Ottoman Empire, and his role in the creating the nation of Iraq. So much of what Lawrence's thinking on how to handle the complexities of the Middle East sheds valuable light on the Middle East situation of today. Hulsman has done a great job in giving the reader a clear history of a chapter in recent Middle Eastern history and To Begin the World Again highly recommended.

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