There's Something About St. Tropez

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Click for availability and more information There's Something About St. Tropez, by Elizabeth Adler
Quirky characters abound in Elizabeth Adler's sequel to One of Those Malibu Nights. Private Investigator Mac Reilly, star of a popular television mystery show, and his fiancée, Sunny Alvarez, are looking forward to spending a month at a villa they've rented in St. Tropez. Sunny arrives first, at the doors of an abandoned villa, only to discover that they've been scammed, along with a number of other tourists who thought they were renting a fancy house on the French Riviera. The characters include Belinda Lord, the estranged wife of a Russian mobster, Texas rancher Billy Bashford, and his eight-year-old daughter, Laureen. After Mac arrives, Sunny and Mac move to a nearby Hotel, where they help protect Belinda from her nasty husband and become entangled in some art thefts in St. Tropez, a murder, and a number of other mysteries that seem to surround Villa Chez La Violette. The author does such a fantastic job describing the scenery of St. Tropez that I could almost smell the salt air and the suntan lotion while reading this book!
-Debbie O.

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