Then Belichick Said To Brady...: The Best New England Patriots Stories Ever Told

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Click for availability and more information Then Belichick Said To Brady-- : The Best New England Patriots Stories Ever Told , by Jim Donaldson
I found this title to be somewhat deceiving. Then Belichick Said to Brady... is not just about the coach's relationship with his future Hall of Fame quarterback, but covers the entire history of the team to present day. They were a team without a home field, playing at Boston University field, Fenway Park and Harvard Stadium, before moving permanently to Foxboro. There were a number of unusual characters who played the game (Larry Eisenhauer, Bob Gladieux, etc.). The owners (Pat Sullivan, Victor Kiam and Robert Kraft) were also interesting characters! There is background information on the "Snow Game", the "Tuck Rule" and "Spygate". Added features include draft analysis and the hits, and busts, of Patriots' picks; a summary of the players in the Patriots' Hall of Fame; and recaps of their 3 Super Bowl wins. This is one of the best books I've read on my favorite team. It's written by Jim Donaldson, a sports writer for The Providence Journal, who has covered the Pats since 1979. Whether you're a Patriots fan or not, you'll enjoy the behind the scenes look at this successful NFL franchise.

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