The Water's Edge

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Click for availability and more information The Water's Edge, by Karin Fossum
The sixth in the series featuring Inspector Konrad Sejer and set in Norway, The Water's Edge is the first mystery this reviewer has read by Karin Fossum. And, this absorbing mystery made this reader want to enjoy more titles in this series. Fossum's writing is clear and concise with extremely well-created characters in their Norwegian setting. The Water's Edge begins with a couple from a small town in Norway who take a stroll in a park and stumble upon the body of a dead boy. This event becomes a major catalyst in the couple's lives and remains a subplot to the involvement of Inspector Sejer in solving the mystery of the dead boy. One crime leads to another and Kossum provides the reader with a twisting tale set within a small Norwegian community. The Water's Edge is recommended for mystery readers and especially for those who like to follow the adventures of a character who solves crimes in foreign countries.

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