The Ninth Daughter

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Click for availability and more information The Ninth Daughter, by Barbara Hamiliton
This is the first in a projected mystery series written by Barbara Hamilton that will transform the real-life Abigail Adams into an amateur sleuth. In pre-revolutionary Boston, Adams must try to discover who murdered a woman whose body Adams discovers in a friend's house. The strength of Hamilton's writing is definitely in her strong ability to create, in interesting and absorbing detail, Adams's world of colonial Boston. While trying to solve this murder mystery, Adams is also involved with the politics of her day as discontent is brewing between the Americans and their British rulers. Her husband John, brother-in-law Sam, and Paul Revere are among the lively cast of characters finely drawn by Hamilton. The Ninth Daughter makes for entertaining reading, especially for those who relish authors who can skillfully make an historical era come alive with fine writing.

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