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What a thrill for book lovers to find an author who can make a wonderfully readable mutigenerational tale in a little-written about society come totally alive for over 800 pages! Rafik Schami has truly done so with his novel The Dark Side of Love. Set in Twentieth Century Syrian Christian society, The Dark Side of Love follows the rivalries, conflicts and love affairs of two fictitious clans, the Shahins and the Mushtaks. Interwoven into the drama of the lives of clan members are the events of their times in Syria : the rise and fall of various Syrian military and civilian dictators, the stresses of being Christian in a predominately Muslim state, the terrible price dissenters pay for being politically active in a repressive society, and other aspects of Syrian history. Schami has divided his story into books and within these books he, at times, uses vignettes, to relate character and plot developments. Schami has likened his book to a huge mosaic in which each individual piece has, when taken together, created his story. Reminiscent of the sweepingly panoramic Russian novels of the Nineteenth Century, The Dark Side of Love is strongly recommended as a terrifically entertaining book that is filled with skillfully-crafted characters, story lines and the history of an extremely interesting Middle Eastern society.


Dear Roy,

I work for the company that published Dark Side of Love by Schami and I want to thank you for your high praise of what we think is a wonderful novel. Translated fiction is a hard sell in this country so it is fantastic to get any attention.

Thanks again!

Moira Megargee
Interlink Books
Northampton, MA

Hi Moira,

I sent an email to you via the Interlink website and am not sure if you got it yet. It was interesting to receive your note - I work as a reference librarian at The Greenwich Library and am always encouraging patrons to discover different authors. As was obvious in my review, I thought The Dark Side of Love is a great book. I am lucky to have traveled in Syria and think that experience added to the pleasure I had in reading it. The staff member responsible for the Staff Picks page and myself are interested in knowing how you found my review.

I work part time at The Greenwich Library and thus have no email here, but can be reached at

Looking forward to hearing from you - Roy Brayton

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