Reading Lolita in Tehran

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Click for availability and more information Reading Lolita in Tehran, by Azar Nafisi
Reading Lolita in Tehran is an amazing read. It talks about topics that many do not dare talk about. Nafisi is an extraordinary woman who is knowledgeable of western culture and finds it hard to re-assimilate herself back to her original culture and country. She witnesses the radical changes of Iraq's government and the regimes that followed during and after her stay. She endures war, loss, and confusion. Nafisi starts out in her memoir as a fervent, and 'ready to teach' knowledgeable professor. She later finds herself banned from teaching works of literature she wants to teach, and not being able to be express individuality without the government enforced Hijab. Nafisi is forced to comply to the regimes' laws, rules, and demands until she resigns from the university and starts her own congregation/university with a handful of her most devoted female students/followers. Nafisi's home and personal space is then converted into a classroom where self expression is the norm and the Hijab is removed at each student's morality and desire. Nafisi introduces the reader to the lives of each student. We learn about all of their stories, trials, and triumphs. The students devour works of literature that Americans take for granted; the novels allow them to temporarily leave Tehran, the regime, and their familial duties and see the world in diverse perspectives. Not only is this book on the New York Times best sellers list, but it is also inspirational and a real documented act of valor.
-Marilynn R.

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