Something Missing

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Click for availability and more information Something Missing, by Matthew Dicks
Something Missing is a clever twist on the harmless second story man. Martin Railsback is an obsessive-compulsive underachiever who works the least number of hours as a barista to cover himself with health insurance. The rest of his time is spent stealing from his long-time "clients". These "clients" are unaware that Martin breaks into their homes and steals because he has an elaborate system of cataloging their possessions, learning their schedules and shopping habits. Most of Martin's thefts are from the pantry, extra boxes of rice, or desk supplies and toiletries, but occasionally he lifts something of value that according to his calculations won't be missed. He is able to support himself in this clandestine manner and everything works beautifully until a simple mishap forces him out of his comfort zone to correct his mistake. And when he fears one of his long time "clients" is in danger, he breaks every self-imposed rule to help someone he's never met but knows completely.
-Kathy C.

1 Comment

I agree--this is a fun story and a very engaging idea for a plot. It also takes place in CT so there are some relatively local places mentioned which added to the enjoyable read.

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