Growing Up bin Laden: Osama's Wife and Son Take Us Inside Their Secret World

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Click for availability and more information Growing Up bin Laden: Osama's Wife and Son Take Us Inside Their Secret World, by Jean Sasson, Najwa bin Ladin, and Omar bin Laden
This riveting book exposes carefully guarded secrets and revelations about the world's most wanted terrorist of our time. Osama bin Laden's first wife Najwa married Osama at age 15, and was mother to 7 sons and 4 daughters. Her fourth son Omar details what it was like to be raised in al-Qaeda camps, and sent into the desert by his father with no food or water in order to toughen him up. Living without modern conveniences such as electricity or medicine, Osama hoped to prepare his sons as soldiers for Islamic jihad. The book also chronicles Osama as an elusive, yet powerful figure whose noble demeanor inspired fierce loyalty, but also as an absolute authoritarian when it came to his many wives and children.
-Debbie O.

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