The Faithful Spy

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Click for availability and more informationThe Faithful Spy, by Alex Berenson
Originally published in 2006, Faithful Spy was not only Alex Berenson's debut as a writer of espionage thrillers, but the first in his series featuring the American spy John Welles. Berenson created a very intriguing plot with Welles imbedded in al-Qaeda and seemingly accepted as a fellow terrorist by members of that group. Some of his American handlers begin to question where his true loyalties lie as time goes on and Welles has no communication with any American governmental agency. The dual track-story takes off as the Americans try to locate Welles after he accepts an al-Qaeda assignment to participate in a terror attack in the United States. Berenson's background as a Middle East reporter for the New York Times is strongly reflected as he writes about al-Qaeda camps, the mountainous terrain of Afghanistan, the passionate beliefs among the terrorists that they are performing the will of Allah, and the inner workings of the United States government. The characters in the story are equally well created. The Faithful Spy is a great read and made this reviewer want to read his subsequent books with the character of John Welles, The Ghost War and The Silent Man. Both of these titles are also available at The Greenwich Library.

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