Dessert First

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Click for availability and more informationDessert First, by Hallie Durand
Who wouldn't like to eat dessert first? Certainly Dessert Schneider (her real name) thinks that's an excellent idea. When her new third grade teacher, Mrs. Howdy Doody, advises the class to march to one's own drummer, Dessert decides her first project will be convincing her family to start dinner with dessert. Her love of sweets, especially chocolate, and especially her French grandmother Reine's recipe for double-decker chocolate bars, becomes her undoing. When her mother warns her, "Stay away from the Double-Ds" in the refrigerator, Dessert cannot resist and before she knows it, she has devoured all twelve bars. When the empty box is discovered, Dessert must find a way to say she's sorry and make amends to her family. Christine Davenier's humorous black and white illustrations add to the fun. First-time novelist Durand has created a plucky eight-year-old who will be gobbled up by fans of Ramona, Clementine and Junie B. and will long for more desserts to come. Grades 2 and up.
-Alice S.

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