I loved, I lost, I made Spaghetti

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Click for availability and more information I loved, I lost, I made Spaghetti, by Giulia Melucci

Humor + Food = A Great Read
New books that debuted this summer include: I loved, I lost, I made Spaghetti by Giulia Melucci. This short read is a memoir of a successful ex-VP of a publishing company, & a talented cook's failed love relationships. Although the heroine of the book; who is also the author, G. Melucci tells us about her "late start" in the dating scene at the age of 24 and embarking in a roller coaster ride of relationships and unexpected outcomes. Melucci endures several painful breakups until the last relationship she had in her early forties that ended in a startling style and set her off the edge as she evaluates what went wrong with all her past relationships. You can't help but keep rooting for Melucci and all her relationships in every chapter you read. Melucci prides herself in being a terrific cook and sharing that talent with the men she loves. In every chapter there are hilariously named recipes that she shares with her readers when she tells us about the special dinners & food creations she cooked for the men in her life. This novel is about hope, desolation, deception, humor, faith, social issues/societal norms, & most importantly, food. To conclude, this book has a little bit of everything enough to keep any reader interested. I wouldn't be surprised if this book will soon be turned into a television series akin to Candace Bushnell's Sex and the City. As said by the Kirkus Reviews in describing Melucci's book : "Giada De Laurentiis meets Candace Bushnell in this debut memoir from romantically challenged yet resilient Melucci . . . Frustrations whisked into a tasty treat of a story." And a tasty treat of a story it is.
-Marilynn R

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