Devil Bones

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Devil Bones, the first book by Kathy Reichs that his reviewer has read, is the author's eleventh mystery featuring the forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan. After reading Devil Bones, it is easy to understand why Reichs's books are so widely read and became the basis for the popular television series Bones. The adventures of Temperance Brennan mirror many of the cases that Reichs has experienced in her "real-life" career as a forensic anthropologist. The crimes Brennan becomes involved with in Devil Bones have many juicy, as well as deadly, elements: voodoo, witchcraft, the fringe religion Santeria and some violent characters. Brennan aids police investigators in solving a series of gristly murders by using her forensic skills. This reviewer found Brennan's use of bone structure and other aspects of anthropology to solve these crimes fascinating and informative. The character of Temperance Brennan comes alive as Reichs writes about various events in her personal life that occur as she works on solving these crimes. Devil Bones is such fun and enjoyable reading that many readers will want to follow other cases Brennan has been involved with in the various books Reichs has written. As a bonus, there is an interview with Reichs at the end of this book that provides insight into how she writes her books and incorporates aspects of forensic anthropology into her writing.

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