First Family

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With all of the interest in the current First Family in the White House, Baldacci's latest book has a catchy title. This time the Camel Club members are not on the scene but Baldacci brings back the duo of Sean King and Michelle Maxwell (former secret service agents) and other memorable characters. There are a number of subplots that are tracking along with the main story line of the kidnapping of the niece of the First Lady and the murder of the girl's mother. The First Lady engages King and Maxwell to locate her niece and find out what is behind the kidnapping since she is receiving cryptic letters at the local post office. Peeling back the layers of the story you encounter a second kidnapping victim, infidelity, national security issues, a vendetta that involves a character from Alabama, paternity questions, and a second murder. Baldacci is successful in leading you down a path and making you think that you know how the story is going to turn out but then he leads you right up to the last few pages before you start to pull all of the pieces together.
-Carol M

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