Hedge Fund Wives

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Click for availability and more information Hedge Fund Wives, by Tatiana Boncompagni

Hedge Fund Wives is a behind the scenes look at the elite life of a hedge fund wife, and the sacrifices they must make in order to get and hold on to the gold ring. When Marcy Emerson's husband John is recruited to New York City as a hedge fund manager, their perfect life together begins to unravel. Marcy feels like a fish out of water when she is pulled into a world of over-the-top baby showers, glamorous beauty treatments and decadent shopping sprees. A closer look at this opulent lifestyle shows how miserable some of the wives really are, and what lengths they would go through to keep their positions in the country club hierarchy. Once John dumps Marcy for a younger, blonder wife, Marcy must learn how to become independent and survive on her own. She also finds out who her true friends are. This was a very entertaining read filled with power, secrets, scandals and revenge!

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