Sea of Poppies

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Click for availability and more information Sea of Poppies , by Amitav Ghosh

Sea of Poppies is the thrilling first installment of a projected trilogy of novels which follow the sea travels of a great 19th century sailing vessel, the Ibis. Amitav Ghosh creates a fascinating world which is populated with strongly detailed characters and events that are connected with the Ibis. He is a true master story teller and readers can relish the powerful tale he tells. Mainly set in India of 1830, the lives of many characters eventually cross paths with the Ibis. Among them are a peasant widow who narrowly escapes being burned on a pyre when her husband dies, a debt-ridden Indian land owner, the second mate of the Ibis, who is an American of mixed blood and fled the antebellum United States, English colonists in India making huge profits from the opium trade, and so many others. Short-listed for the 2008 Man Booker Prize, Sea of Poppies is a wonderfully creative and masterfully-written novel. After finishing the last sentence in the book, this reviewer wanted to immediately grab the next installment to once again be transported in time and read a terrific story. Sea of Poppies is highly and enthusiastically recommended.

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