Mrs. Astor Regrets

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Click for availability and more information Mrs. Astor Regrets, by Meryl Gordon

For those who thrive on reading a well written true tale of family woes among extremely wealthy and notable New Yorkers, Mrs. Astor Regrets should be a top priority. This book is the story of Brooke Astor - her life and terrifically sad final days when her friends rescued her from her seemingly money-hungry son, who made continuous attempts to claim as much of her wealth for himself as possible. While Gordon recounts Brooke Astor's early years and first two marriages, she concentrates on Mrs. Astor's emergence after the death of her third husband, Vincent Astor, in New York society as a hugely determined philanthropist. She was a true lover of all things related to New York City and supported a wide range of social causes and institutions that have made New York City such a diverse and fascinating metropolitan area. However, her relationship with her son Tony Marshall, born during her first marriage, was strained and reached a disastrous point as she fell victim to Alzheimers disease and lost control of her affairs. This sensational story comes out of newspaper headlines and Gordon tells it well. Brooke Astor was an extremely interesting and generous person as she donated her personal fortune to help so many. But, in the end, she became a victim of family members who wanted so much more for themselves than they had. Mrs. Astor Regrets is a great, diverting and fun book to read!

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