A Guide to the Birds of East Africa

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Click for availability and more information A Guide to the Birds of East Africa, by Nicholas Drayson

Charming and funny tale, set in Kenya, of the rivalry between two old schoolmates, Mr. Malik (our hero and a man of unimpeachable integrity) and Harry Khan (a rich, flashy ex-patriate), for the privilege of inviting Rose Mbikwa (leader of weekly bird walks) to the Annual Hunt Club Ball. Fellow members of the Asadi Club design a competition to determine which of them will do so. This competition means whoever spots the most species of birds during one week, under very strict rules, will be the winner. Harry takes an easy lead, thanks to his ability to charter an airplane and hire a car to take him to places birds in great variety were known to be. Mr. Malik is handicapped by the theft of his car, attack by bandits, and by his secret life which he doesnʼt feel he can sacrifice to such a frivolous project.

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