The Other Queen

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For those who have already enthusiastically read Philippa Gregory's books in her Tudor series, with The Other Boleyn Girl being her most popular, The Other Queen will be a real treat of pure reading enjoyment. And, for those readers who have not read Gregory's books, this should entice them to read her other fine works, especially those historical novels associated with the Tudor era of English history. "The Other Queen" is Mary, Queen of Scots who, as a cousin to Queen Elizabeth I, had what many in England considered a claim to the English throne that was more valid than that of Queen Elizabeth I. As the book begins, Mary has been exiled to England from Scotland and is literally under house arrest by Elizabeth as a way to control her movement and limit her ability to campaign for the English throne. Her "hosts" are the Earl of Shrewsbury and his wife Bess of Hardwick. Gregory uses three voices to tell her story : those of the Earl, Bess and Queen Mary. The Earl and Bess are at first delighted to be chosen by Queen Elizabeth to house Mary. They think this is a true sign of wonderful recognition and favor by their Queen. Yet, reality sets in as Elizabeth keeps Mary captive at their house and they have to cover much of the expense involved in that situation. Their life is further complicated when the Earl begins to fall in love with Mary. Thus, resentment sets in as their time guarding Mary drags on. The third voice is that of Mary, who is desperate for freedom and the crowns of England and Scotland that she adamantly believes are hers. Gregory is a master at creating terrifically readable, well researched and enjoyable books. For those who want to read a more detailed life of Mary, Queen of Scots, Antonia Fraser's Mary Queen of Scots is highly recommended.

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