Savage Grace

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Click for availability and more information Savage Grace, by Natalie Robins and Steven M. L. Aronson

A must read for all who thrive on true crime stories, Savage Grace is a stimulating and fascinating chronicle of how a wealthy family's saga ended in brutality and sadness. The Baekeland family is at the center of this story. Leo Baekeland created a form of plastic known as Bakelite in the early 20th century and the manufacture of that material became the source of his family's vast wealth. Savage Grace is the story of Leo's son Brooks, his wife Barbara and their son Tony. Even though Brooks never worked as an adult, he and his family led a luxurious life as they wandered from one American or European locale to another with their lifestyle financed by his inheritance. This gypsy life took its toll on Tony; his education was scattered and erratic, while his family life became wildly unorthodox. His troubled life created terrible consequences for the Baekeland family. Robins and Aronson do a masterful job of telling this sad and murderous tale through interviews with friends and family members of Brooks, Barbara and Tony Baekeland, diary entries of those involved, police records and many other sources. Savage Grace is a gripping chronicle of this family and the tragic events which they suffered.

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