Final Theory

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Click for availability and more information Final Theory, by Mark Alpert

Mark Albert, a contributing writer to Scientific American, makes a great debut as a book author with his thriller Final Theory. Albert has created an intriguing character in David Swift, a physics professor at Columbia University who has also written about Albert Einstein and his famous theories. Swift is dramatically called to the bedside of an older theoretical physicist who received a brutal beating from a mysterious intruder in his home. This physicist, who had worked with Einstein, confides in Swift before he dies, that Einstein's unified final theory had been fully developed by Einstein, contrary to the belief that it had not. Swift is also given clues as to how to find this theory. As the story develops, there are many competing factions, government agents and terrorists along with Swift who are searching for the facts about Einstein's final theory. Albert's great skill is to make the scientific theories, which are a great part of the story, understandable to the layman. This is a great, fun thriller to read.

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