April in Paris

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Click for availability and more information April in Paris, by Michael Wallner

In his first novel, Michael Wallner has written a highly readable tale set in Nazi-occupied Paris during World War II. Corporal Roth, a young soldier in the SS, speaks such perfect French he can pass as a true Parisian. While he serves as a translator for the SS during brutal interrogations, he also wanders the streets of Paris searching for escape from the horrors he sees while on duty. He meets a charming French girl, Chantal, and falls in love. With Wallner's good writing skills, even the bleak conditions of occupied Paris can be a romantic background for a love story. Yet, the novel takes many twists as Roth discovers more about Chantal and her links to the resistance. Thus, his situation becomes more complex as he serves the SS and grows deeply in love with Chantal. With the ending, yet another unexpected turn of events leaves the reader hooked on this story. April in Paris is a highly enjoyable book.

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