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After releasing two commercially ignored but amazing power pop records in the early 1970's Alex Chilton returned to the studio in 1974 with drummer Jody Stephens and Memphis producer Jim Dickinson, to record a more quiet and personal record. This record, Big Star's 3rd, was deemed too uncommercial for release at the time. It finally saw the light of day in 1978 and proved to be influential to a host of bands that followed in it's wake, most notably REM.
It's a dark and brooding record that barely hints at the buoyant pop sounds of the bands past. Eschewing the pop sound, Sister Lovers features such somber classics as "Kanga Roo" and "Holocaust." These grand and twisted pop experiments take some time to digest and their beauty grows with extended listens. It is one of those rare records that successfully utilize the recording studio as an extended member of the band. Strings and synthesizers abound and the songs, at times, sound distant and lonely. It is a perfect soundtrack to the crisp autumn evenings that will soon be upon us.

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