The Goliath Bone

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Click for availability and more information The Goliath Bone, by Mickey Spillane

Although Mickey Spillane passed away in July, 2006, he managed to leave behind an unfinished manuscript for what was intended to be the final novel starring his hard-boiled private eye character Mike Hammer. Completed by fellow mystery writer and family friend Max Allen Collins (Road to Perdition), the newly published The Goliath Bone sends Hammer on a "new direction" (as Collins puts it in the afterword), battling terrorists in a post-9/11 New York City. While coping with the realities of old age (including getting his AARP card and settling down with his long-time girl friend and partner Velda, whose last name is finally revealed after all these years), Hammer tries to protect the title artifact from vicious killers, but discovers (as is usually the case) that not everybody is whom they seem to be. A great, unexpectedly violent (even for Spillane) climax, strong vivid characters (including a take-off on certain well-known Broadway promoters and media personalities), plus a murderous seven-foot, three inch assassin, also named Goliath, who goes after Hammer), a bizarre analogy with the original 1933 King Kong movie that figures in the aforementioned climatic scene, and a stunning, ironic epilogue that harkens back to Spillane's first Hammer novel, I, the Jury (1947), make this novel a wonderful send-off for fans of Spillane and Hammer. We'll miss ya, guys!

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