Sailing to Capri

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If you enjoy a romance/mystery novel with a little armchair travel mixed in, then "Sailing to Capri", by Elizabeth Adler is the right book for you! Daisy Keene is without a job, broke, and her love-life is non-existent when she meets a stranger at a party and he takes her to dinner. She spends the next five years working for Bob Hardwick, as his trusted assistant and friend, only to be devastated when he is killed, and she suspects it was murder. Daisy's encounter with private investigator Harry Montana, who is investigating Hardwick's death, also has an impact on her life. Per Hardwick's last wishes, a group of suspects is assembled and invited on a cruise to Capri for the reading of the will. Sparks fly and personalities clash as secrets are revealed and past indiscretions are exposed. Amidst the beauty of Sorrento and the fashionable glitz of Saint-Tropez, readers are led on several high-sea adventures as the fabulous yacht moves steadily toward Capri. The author borrows from Agatha Christie when she assembles the suspects and allows the killer to be revealed with surprising twists and turns. I enjoyed this book so much that I have read four more of the author's other works, and intend to read them all!

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