Dan in Real Life

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Dan in Real Life

In the olden, olden days, movies used the same formulas and the same stars and changed every week. In the mere olden days, movies became films and extravaganzas and stayed in theaters for months. Once they were gone, they were gone. Then television ushered in the video that morphed into the DVD which allows movies to hang around forever on our small screens creating a sweet spot for movies like Dan in Real Life. Here is a movie that can be enjoyed on so many frothy levels. It is a romantic comedy like The Family Stone although the tragedy happens before the movie starts rather than after. Steve Carell, of Office fame, plays the adorable lead instead of Sarah Jessica Parker. It takes place in New England and who can resist that. Diane Wiest is the mother and Dane Cook is the troublesome brother who just happens to have gotten the girl. Dane, in another troublesome guy role, is starring in My Best Friend's Girl, which if you go to theaters to see, you will definitely want to circle back to Dan in Real Life on DVD.

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