The Kitchen Readings... Untold Stories of Hunter S. Thompson

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Click for availability and more information The Kitchen Readings... Untold Stories of Hunter S. Thompson, by Michael Cleverly and Bob Braudis

Cleverly and Braudis have gathered a collection of wild tales and adventures of "Gonzo" journalist and author Hunter S. Thompson, as told by his closest friends. The title of the book refers to Hunter's creative writing process that took place at Owl Farm in Woody Creek, Colorado. His inner circle of friends would regularly gather in his kitchen and watch him come up with half-baked ideas and brilliant writings that were a large part of his appeal and mystique to his legion of fans. Even Hunter's untimely death was surrounded by mystery, with a bit of humor mixed into the memorial service.
A surprising look inside the complex life of one of America's most colorful characters.
-Debbie O.

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