The Emperor of Ocean Park

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Published in 2002, The Emperor of Ocean Park was Stephen L. Carter's debut novel and it garnered praise and admiration from book reviewers. For devoted readers of fiction, it is often a treat to watch how authors grow as writers. While Carter has recently published his third novel, Palace Council, his first one is a great read and made this reader want to continue reading Carter's works. The Emperor of Ocean Park is set in the New England college town of Elm Harbor where the main character, Talcott Garland teaches law. The story Carter weaves is multi-layered: Garland's father had a widely-praised career as a judge, but was denied confirmation by government hearings for the supreme court due to possible illegal dealings and this event haunts Garland and his family, his private life and marriage enter a troubled time, a family tragedy remains unresolved years after it happened, and, among other situations, his career as a law professor becomes as rocky as other areas of his life. The reader becomes highly involved in Garland's tale and Carter writes very convincingly with entertaining touches of great sarcasm. It is easy to become totally absorbed in the book. Carter himself is a professor of law at Yale and this undoubtedly enriches and authenticates his writing.

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