Foyle's War (Series I-IV)

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Foyle's War is an engaging series originally aired on PBS Masterpiece Theatre (Mystery) which mixes stories of WWII Britain with tales of crime and suspense. Set along the south coast of Britain, the series chronicles the lives of Detective Superintendent Christopher Foyle and his colleagues as they confront everything from sabotage to biological warfare, murder to stolen supplies. DCS Foyle is a quiet, introspective policeman with a dedication to solving complex crimes. He is joined in the series by a spirited young woman driver, a son who has enlisted in the RAF, and a police sergeant just back from the front...and it is these main characters that provide the winning human drama of the series. Michael Kitchen stars as DCS Foyle and Samantha Stewart as Honeysuckle Weeks. Season V, consisting of three episodes, will air on PBS on Sunday evenings starting on July 13, 2008.

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