The London Eye Mystery

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Click for availability and more information The London Eye Mystery, by Siobhan Dowd

Twelve year-old Ted and his older sister Kat watch their cousin Salim enter the London Eye sightseeing attraction, "the largest observation wheel ever built." But, after a half hour, when his pod returns, everyone troops off- except Salim. Where is he? How could he disappear from a locked glass-and-steel capsule? Feeling guilty because they urged Salim to accept a free ticket from a stranger, the brother and sister, despite their thorny relationship, join together and follow a trail of clues across London. Ted, who narrates the story, has a funny brain that runs on a "different operating system," giving him encyclopedic knowledge but also a literal view of the world. Ultimately his powers of deduction lead them to solve the mystery that even the police have been unable to crack. Test your skills and see if you can stay one step ahead of Ted and Kate in their desperate race to find Salim. This fast-paced thriller will grab you from the beginning. A real page-turner.
-Alice S

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