The Hellbenders

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After years of floating around in lousy, pan and scanned public domain video copies, Anchor Bay Entertainment has finally released a pristine, letterboxed edition (in bright color!) of Sergio Corbucci's 1967 Italian/Spanish western, The Hellbenders. This unrelentingly grim, yet exciting and violent (keep the kiddies away from this one) action thriller takes place after the end of the Civil War and centers around former Confederate Army Colonel Jonas (Joseph Cotton) and his three sons as they roam the southwest transporting a stolen million dollars in a deluded effort to revive the Confederacy. But Things Go Wrong (encounters with Indians, double crossing allies, bandits, misguided acts of kindness, etc,), resulting in one of the most downbeat and cruel endings that invokes the memory of Kubrick's The Killing in spirit. The film is nevertheless exhilarating in its pacing and situations despite it's cynical tone so you won't be bored! With "spaghetti western" cast veterans Julian Matcos, Gino Pernice and Angel Aranda as Jonas' sons, plus Norma Bengall and from the 1966 Sergio Leone classic, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (also recommended), Al Mulock and Aldo Sambrell.

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