My Life in France

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My Life in France, by Julia Child and Alex Prud'homme

What a terrifically entertaining book My Life in France is! Alex Prud'homme is Paul Child's (Julia's husband) great nephew and he collaborated with Julia to write her story of living in France and learning, as her first and greatly successful book was about, how to master the art of French cooking. Using letters written between Julia, Paul and other family members, the early days of their life in France during the 1950's are detailed when Paul worked as a member of the United States State Department delegation in Paris and Julia determined that her life's goal was to learn about French cooking and be able to teach those culinary techniques. Her ability to make food preparation so interesting is great, fun reading as are the many adventures Julia and Paul had while living in France. Anyone who is interested in food, particularly French food, France or reading a wonderful story about two vibrantly interesting people will enjoy My Life in France.

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