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Since Yankee Stadium is being torn down at the end of this season, you might want to relive some of the great, and not so great, moments associated with "the house that Ruth built". In his book Magic Moments Yankees (2008), Phil Pepe recounts many of the famous events that took place in Yankee history. Even though I'm a big Red Sox fan, I enjoyed reliving Don Larsen's no-hitter, Reggie Jackson's 3 homeruns in game six of the 1977 World Series, and Bucky Dent's homerun in 1978, which knocked my beloved Red Sox out of the playoffs. There were also some not-so-great moments such as the death of Thurman Munson in a plane crash, and Billy Martin fight in the Copocabana. Yet, this book is still a tribute to the greatest baseball team in the 20th century. My only objection is that the photos were all black and white. I hope they have to publish a similar book for my Red Sox in the 21st century!

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