Ethiopiques. 22: more vintage

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Click for availability and more information Ethiopiques. 22: more vintage, featuring Alemayehu Eshete

MORE VINTAGE!, volume 22 in the brilliant ETHIOPIQUES series, collects recordings from Ethiopian pop superstar Alemayehu Eshete made during the early 1970s. Eshete has earned many nicknames based on his funky ethnic R&B over the years. These included "the Ethiopian James Brown" and the "Abyssinian Elvis" The pompadour he's sporting on the cover of this CD certainly helps him earn those monikers. It's his rhythmic distinctive voice however, that brought him his notoriety. In addition to showcasing Alemayehu, this set shines a light on one of the key behind-the-scenes figures in Ethiopian pop, organist and arranger Girma Beyene. Something of Booker T. to Alemayehu's Otis Redding, it's Girma who provides the tight-as-a-drum funk and jazz grooves over which Alemayehu lets his stunning vocals glide. Although this is text-book Ethiopian pop from the golden era, listeners will hear the obvious influences of American soul and R&B.

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