Ten Little Indians

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One film that really left an impression on me as a kid was Ten Little Indians, exploitation producer Harry Alan Towers' first remake of the 1945 movie classic And Then There Were None. In a remote castle somewhere in the Alps, ten strangers, each with something to hide, discover they're to be killed by the unseen "U.N. Owen". How will they get out? A great (mostly Eurocentric) one-of-a-kind cast that includes Hugh O'Brien, Shirley Eaton, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Daliah Lavi, Dennis Price and Fabian (!), plus the voice of Christopher Lee, moody black and white lighting and a unexpected (for ten-year-old me, anyway) climax make this remake stand out. (I went and took the Agatha Christie book this film was based on out of the library after first seeing it!) The "whodunit" break (in which, during the climax, a narrator asks the audience to consider the clues racked up and guess who the murderer is) which was in the version I saw, is included on the DVD as an extra, but otherwise this film is worth your attention. (Producer Towers would again remake the film, less successfully, in 1974 and 1989, respectively.)

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