Last Night at the Lobster

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Click for availability and more information Last Night at the Lobster, by Stewart O'Nan

Connecticut resident Stewart O'Nan has been called "the bard of the working class" and his latest book, "Last Night at the Lobster" gives a detailed insight into the workings of a Red Lobster franchise and its beleaguered workers. Manny DeLeon is the manager of the Red Lobster in a New Britain shopping mall slated to be closed for less than stellar sales. Manny is attempting to serve one last dinner with a skeleton crew and an impending snow storm brewing outside. He is still conflicted about his pregnant girlfriend at home and the waitress at work with who he is in love. Manny is moving to an Olive Garden restaurant and taking a few workers with him, but this last night with the faithful dinner regulars and the stranded shoppers takes on an added poignancy. An uncertain future awaits Manny, but tonight his life is one final last hectic night at "the Lobster."

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