King, Kaiser, Tsar : Three Royal Cousins Who Led the World to War

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Click for availability and more information King, Kaiser, Tsar : Three Royal Cousins Who Led the World to War, by Catrine Clay

George V of England, Wilhelm II of Germany and Nicholas II of Russia, royal cousins through their family relationships to Queen Victoria, are the focus of this ambitious and very well-written book by Catrine Clay. The author was allowed extensive use of unpublished letters and diaries in the collection of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain to create this wonderfully researched group biography of these three men who led their countries, some on opposite sides, into the dreadful years of World War I. In parts, this reads like a grand family drama, especially before the death of Queen Victoria. She not only paid detailed attention to her large and powerful extended family, but was not afraid to voice her opinion as to how other rulers, especially Wilhelm II, should perform their royal duties and reign in their respective countries. At times, the reader is given first person narrative about royal marriages, fabulous parties, and the shifting political landscape in the last years of the Nineteenth Century as well as the early years of the succeeding century. While this book might be directed more towards those with a keen interest in this historical time period, a general reader can be easily swept up in this very readable, interesting and enjoyable book.

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