Crescent City Cooking: unforgettable recipes from Susan Spicer's New Orleans

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Click for availability and more information Crescent City Cooking: unforgettable recipes from Susan Spicer's New Orleans, by Susan Spicer, with Paula Disbrowe

For some reason, Bayona's is either the first restaurant I go to upon arrival in NOLA or the last before I reluctantly get on the plane. In the first sentence of the book, the author and chef mentions the magic of walking down Rue Dauphine in 1979 past the restaurant housed in a 200 year old Creole cottage. Today, it is like being at the home of a special friend who by the way is a fantastic cook. In the book, there is enough personal text to make me feel as if I'm in New Orleans and a wonderful collection of recipes that actually makes me want to get into my own kitchen. I am so grateful that Katrina left Bayona with its magical blend of tradition and surprise. Try the recipes and then make a reservation.

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