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This 1950 film has been dismissed by some as one of Hitchcock's "minor works." It's not a masterpiece on par with Rear Window or Strangers on a Train. but there's much for the Hitchcock fan to appreciate; beginning with the much discussed and debated "false flashback" that starts the picture, to Hitch's usual stunning set pieces to all the great acting, from Jane Wyman to Richard Todd. But it's the masterful presence of the great Alastair Sim, however, that makes Stage Fright one of Hitchcock's most enjoyable to watch. Few actors have his ability of making the most average of dialogues sound like a powerful oration (I bet he sounded Shakespearean when reading his shopping list.) Marlene Dietrich also shows up as well.
Wyman plays the classic Hitchcockian character who unknowingly gets in over her heard when her ex-lover (Todd) is suspected of murder. She buys his story of innocence and helps him evade the police until eventually the truth gets revealed. It's true that the pacing at times can be a bit slow but the intricate, twisting story line needs time to play itself out. The careful viewer will be rewarded.

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