Crooked Little Vein

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Fans of Transmetropolitan will already be quite familiar with Warren Ellis's wild imagination and twisted sense of humor, and any true aficionado of comic books and graphic novels knows this prolific author's immense talent for story-telling. Crooked Little Vein is Ellis's debut foray into prose fiction, and, happily, it does not disappoint on any level--this is Ellis in full form. So, as is becoming typical of my reviews, be warned; this book is not for the squeamish.
The story begins with down-and-almost-out private detective Mike McGill being hired by the President's needle-popping Chief of Staff to track down a second, but lost, secret version of the Constitution bequeathed to future Presidents by the Founding Fathers. This is, however, a plot device, a MacGuffin to give the author an excuse to drop his characters into some truly bizarre situations.
Accompanying Mike on his surreal journey through the filthier back alleys of contemporary American culture is Trix, his new polyamorous assistant who serves mainly as a foil of open-mindedness for Mike's knee-jerk intolerance of the various deviant behaviours the duo encounter along the way. Think "Sam Spade" meets "The Jim Rose Circus" and you're half-way there.
Crooked Little Vein is a simultaneously disgusting and hilarious romp that will undoubtedly open your eyes to some of those dark little corners of contemporary sub-culture that you've only heard rumors of but never really quite felt up to investigating yourself. And that's okay--Mike and Trix do the legwork for you, and whether you find yourself flinching in revulsion or laughing out loud, Warren Ellis makes sure you've been thoroughly entertained.
Assuming you make it past the first sentence.

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