What Makes Sammy Run?

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Click for availability and more information What Makes Sammy Run?, by Budd Schulberg

Think Ari of HBO's Entourage is a new breed in Hollywood? Then meet Sammy Glick. Follow Sammy's rise to Hollywood success, living his version of the American Dream in the novel What Makes Sammy Run? Named National Critics Choice as Best First Novel of the Year in 1941, author Budd Schulberg introduces Sammy as a copy boy at a NY newspaper who never stops running, never stops looking for an angle, or a leg up...no matter who he steps on to get there. When published, the best seller was praised by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Dorothy Parker and others, even while causing a maelstrom in Hollywood, with critics and gossips trying to identify who were the real people behind Schulberg's tinsel town characters. Among his work, Budd Schulberg wrote the screenplays for On the Waterfront and A Face in the Crowd.

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