Raining Stones

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Director Kenneth Loach has always championed the downtrodden and the underdogs in his films. The reality he puts forth in these films is stunning in its authenticity. The locale here is Manchester in the north of England, specifically a council estate and the people who live there.
While starting out as a bit of comedy, the heart of the film is an out of work man named Bob Williams and his desperation to get the money together to pay for his daughter's Catholic Communion outfit. Although he tries very hard to get the money honestly he ends up borrowing money from loan sharks, and things begin to go downhill. His overwhelming love for his daughter is evident and his struggle to provide for her and his wife is both heartbreaking and inspirational.
As often with Loach, behind an ostensible political message, lies a complex moral analysis of real people's lives, handled with great sensitivity.

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