Out of the Silent Planet

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Click for availability and more information Out of the Silent Planet, by C.S. Lewis

Kidnapped by the physicist, Weston, and his gold-hunting friend, Devine, Ransom unwillingly journeys with them to Malacandra (Mars), to be offered as a sacrifice (a misunderstanding by Weston and Devine who have visited there before) to the sorns (seroni), one of the three kinds of creatures who live there. Ransom escapes his companions, eventually meets a hross who befriends him and takes him to the place where he lives. Ransom settles down there, familiarizing himself with these highly intelligent creatures and their customs and land, learning the language gradually (he is a philologist). He hears that Thulcandra (earth) is isolated from the rest of the solar system (hence the silent planet) because it was taken over by the bent (evil) one. The reappearance of his traveling companions results in the death of three of the hrossa. Ransom is given the choice of remaining in Malacandra or returning to earth with Devine and Weston. Absorbing story that is also a still valid comment on our world.

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