In An Instant: A Family's Journey of Love and Understanding

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Click for availability and more information In An Instant: A Family's Journey of Love and Understanding, by Lee and Bob Woodruff

Ripped from the media headlines concerning the injuries of the distinguished journalist Bob Woodruff while he was covering the Iraqi war, this book gives the reader a deeply personal narrative not only the details of that event, but an inside view of the impact those injuries had on his family. Written, in alternating sections, by Lee Woodruff, Bob's wife, and Bob himself, In an Instant also is the story of Woodruff's working career and his path which led him to be appointed co-anchor of World News Tonight. Barely one month after he began this assignment for ABC News, he suffered extremely devastating injuries after a road-side bomb exploded while he was covering the war in Iraq for that program. One interesting aspect of this book is the exact description of the composition of these bombs that can inflict such terrible damage to humans. They can be particularly deadly since they contain stones and rocks. Those elements were driven into Woodruff's head by the impact of the bomb's explosion and created Woodruff's severe medical problems. Lee Woodard writes so eloquently and personally on the roles she had to assume not only as mother to their four children, but wife to a deeply-wounded husband, as well as, the advocate for the proper plans to embrace during her husband's medically-complex recovery period. Added bonuses to their story are Lee and Bob's most-interesting sections about how he changed careers with great determination from attorney to reporter. The Woodruffs' story is terrifically well-written and makes for absorbing and moving reading. In an Instant is highly recommended.

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