The Twilight Samurai

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Seibei Iguchi is a low-ranking Samurai forced to perform piecework to supplement his paltry clan wage in order to support himself, his two daughters and his senile old mother after his wife succumbs to tuberculosis. As if life wasn't hard enough, Seibei takes it upon himself to defend a friend in a forbidden duel of honor versus the cruel ex-husband of his friend's sister, Tomoe, a woman whom Seibei himself would marry if only it didn't mean inflicting his own unfortunate circumstances upon her as well. News of Seibei's hither-unknown battle prowess gets out, and he soon finds himself faced with the task of dispatching a renegade--and extremely deadly--samurai of his own clan. Seibei is forced to choose between following his heart and performing his duty, a choice that comes with unexpected results.
Set during the last days of shogunate Japan, The Twilight Samurai is a moving tale of honor, love, class struggle and hardship during a time of great social upheaval.

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